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Hey guys. I am a wedding photographer based in Bern, Switzerland. I document love stories and weddings. I am looking for these moments which will make you feel something if you look at the pictures in the future. Maybe sitting with your kids, telling them about this special day. About your love. How everything started. Creating a visual legacy is what I love to do. I get to tell stories with photographs. With my camera, I set out to capture the fabric of relationships and the often-overlooked moments life has to offer. If you like my work, get in touch with me via my website and tell me about you.


Was unterscheidet dich von deinen Wettbewerbern?

I leave that call to others. The simple answer is me. If I stay true to who I am and don’t try and be someone I’m not, I will immediately be different from others.

Was gefällt dir an deiner Arbeit?

You know, love has many forms. To get to know the couple slowly. Let them guide me through their day. Every wedding, every love story is different and unique. I want the photos to reflect who they are and not be a bunch of shots I want to take because they’d look cool in my portfolio.

Welche Fragen stellen dir deine Kunden normalerweise und wie beantwortest du sie?

(Kontaktiert mich doch bitte persönlich via michaelfund punkt com )

Gibt es spezielle Informationen bzgl. deiner Arbeit, die du mitteilen möchtest?

I shoot in a photojournalistic style. I will never jump in your face and ask to pose for me. Or worse - to repeat an action again and again. I rather document naturally what you do - capturing the real, sometimes small and fleeting moments in between. Only for the portrait session I might give you slight directions. But also there I'd rather let you unfold yourself. Important to me is, that you don't end up with only digital files, resting somewhere hidden on your computer. I do offer albums and framed prints. Included in every wedding package is a number of postcard format prints.

Hast du bestimmte Erfahrungen gemacht, die du gern mitteilen möchtest?

Sorry we are not as stylish as all the insta couples, I bride told me once. It broke my heart. Being insecure myself I could feel the pain in this sentence. Surrounded by imagery of dream weddings, highly retouched bodies and luxury decoration it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Comparing yourself. Once you start that, doubts will come to mind. You wonder whether you are worth it. But you are enough. The images of that day turned out to be spectacular. One of them hangs now as a large 70x100cm print in their bedroom.

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