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To become an excellent personal trainer and a competitor I was sure I needed 2 things: to have my very own personal trainer to push my limits and to get the best out of me and secondly to work with and learn from the pro athletes who could “connect the dots” for me between the theory and the practice. Therefore I decided to hire some of the best professionals on the planet. These are: Dorian Yates – 6x Mr. Olympia who trained me for 2 years (2013-2015) in the UK and in Spain and taught me the secrets and tactics of bodybuilding training and especially dieting. Dorian also attended the opening of my own gym in London in 2015. Sarah Bridges – UKBFF JUDGE (United Kingdom Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation) and an IFBB Pro. I have met Sarah when I worked for the global leader in the sports nutrition (BSN) at the BodyPower EXPO in UK - the world’s No.1 fitness expo, in 2011. As a longstanding judge in bodybuilding and fitness competition world, Sarah gave me tremendous amount of knowledge to be a successful competitor and raised my ranking in the personal training world. She also choreographed my routine for my 2011 British Title Win. I have also actively competed in 3 other sports during my student years in Czech Republic – Olympic lifting, volleyball and chess. All of them at the national level, achieving 2nd place in the national championships in Olympic Lifting, 3rd place in the national competition in Volleyball and a 22nd place in the National Championship in Chess ☺ In 2009 I travelled to Australia to train private clients and to help establish a weight loss boot camp business in the Blue Mountains National Park. In 2015 I opened London’s first Gym and Restaurant under one roof. In 2017 I moved to Geneva to join a healthier lifestyle, to continue my career in personal training and to start studying martial arts at the Martial Arts Academy Geneva.
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